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Custom Simulation Systems

Valkyrie can help you address a training need, or educational equipment shortfall, by rapidly designing unique simulators or training systems that will fulfill your unique requirements.

We can also assist you in identifying what systems will be effective in contributing to your existing programs or curriculum.


In Person Workshops

"Valkyrie Simulators a hit at NYSORA workshop."


"Valkyrie’s full range of regional block simulators were an integral part of the recent fully booked NYSORA Boutique workshop in Phoenix, 13-14 Nov. The simulator station was available throughout the workshop and all attendees had the opportunity to develop needling skills for all regional blocks and associated techniques covered in the workshop agenda."


Ultrasound Workshop Packages

Running an in-person/remote workshop or running a seminar and want to ensure all aspects of your ultrasound skills training are adequately supported?

Valkyrie can help you identify what educational material is needed and assist you in obtaining a comprehensive, and cost-effective solution, that will ensure your training is of the highest standard.

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