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If you are in looking for a customized simulator to meet a specific anatomical or procedural training need then please

Contact Us today and we will be happy to assist you. 

See below for some examples of our recent custom work.


Customized Infraclavicular

Addition of Serratus muscles and the lateral thoracic artery and modification of material to allow for repeated catheter insertion.

"I have now run 2 study days for my anaesthetic trainees on inserting the SAP catheters on the models you made for me. The models worked well and the catheters inserted easily into the model. The feedback has been great with many trainees saying it really helped them to learn how to do these nerve blocks, handle the equipment and insert nerve catheters. The trainees feel much more confident in inserting chest wall blocks and nerve catheters and consultants are very keen to try the model as well. Further study days will be arranged next year. I have enclosed a few photos. Thank you for all your hard work in developing this very useful model. I highly recommend your company."

custom cesarian.png

Caesarian Trainer

Caesarian Post Operative Anesthesia Infiltration Trainer.

This Custom Trainer included:  Uterus, Peritoneum, Abdominus Rectus, Rectus sheath and Adipose Tissue.

custom chest.png

Chest Trainer

 Custom Open Chest Anatomical Landmark Trainer.


For further details on getting a custom simulator, please Contact Us.

Regional Anesthesia, Needle Training, Simulation Manikins

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