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The replacement insert functionexactly the same as the orginial insert to  facilitate knowledge and skills acquisition to perform Paravertebral (PVT) and Erector Spinae Blocks, allows injection practice, and teaches ultrasound Paravertebral (PVT) and Erector Spinae anatomy recognition and needle-eye coordination to safely guide needle insertion. Includes camera and display that are used to visually confirm needle entry to the Paravertebral space.


Replacement/Rotation Insert Only and does not include additional accessories.

Supported Blocks: Paravertebral, Erector Spinae


Internal Anatomy: T3-T7, Ribs 3-7, Paravertebral Space


External Landmark: Left and right inferior angle of scapula; Vertebra prominens; Spinous process


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Replacement Insert |for MS2-PVT

  • This listing is for a replacement insert only and does not include base or carrying case. 

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