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Simplify your ordering process by ordering multiple products with one ordering code. Valkyrie offers recommended products for small to complete training programs. The RAUK Package  provides RA-UK Plan A suggested core blocks including seven simulators and one essential trainer.

RA-UK Plan A Package Includes :

  • MS2-TRNTC - Essential Trainer
  • MS2-INT - Interscalene Simulator
  • MS2-ABP - Axillary Brachial Plexus Simulator
  • MS2-QUA - Quadradus Lumborum Simulator
  • MS2-PVT - Paravertebral with camera Simulator
  • MS2-FEM - Femoral Simulator
  • MS2-POP - Popliteal Simulator
  • MS2-ADD - Adductor Simulator


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RA-UK Plan A Educational Simulator Package

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