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The MiniSim Ocular Simulator facilitates knowledge and skills acquisition for the performance of Peribulbar,Retrobulbar and Sub-Tenon blocks. Allows for injection practice and ocular anatomy recognition for ultrasound guided needle insertion. 


Supported Blocks: Retrobulbar, Peribulbar, Sub Tenon (left and right eye)


Internal Anatomy: Optic Nerve, iris, cornea, lens, vitreous body, orbit.


External Landmarks: Eyelid, orbit


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Ocular Block Simulator/ Retrobulbar, Peribulbar, Sub Tenon

  • Cast from human anatomy, MiniSim includes realistic external landmarks and internal anatomy.  MiniSim vessels do not require filling, emptying, and cleaning that can create vessel contamination affecting visualization. Internal anatomically and proportionally correct structures closely mimic human anatomy scans. 

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