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  • MiniSIm Insert Package MS2I-CTP matched for use with MS2-CTP includes one (1) each
  • MS3I-INT Interscalene Insert
  • MS2I-INF Infraclavicular Insert
  • MS2I-SSC Suprascapular Insert
  • MS2I-ABP Adductor Brachial Plexus Insert
  • MS2I-MED Wrist Insert
  • MS2I-PVT Paravertibral Insert
  • MS3I-ITC Intercostal Insert
  • MS2I-QUA Quadradus Lumborum Insert
  • MS3I-ILO Ilioinlingual Insert
  • MS2I-STG Sciatic Transgluteal Insert
  • MS3I-PIR Piriformis Insert
  • MS2I-FEM Femoral Insert
  • MS2I-POP Popliteal Insert
  • MS2I-ADD Adductor Insert
  • MS2I-ANK Ankle Insert

Includes Insert only. Does not include base, tray, or case.


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MiniSim Replacement Inserts for Complete Trainer Package

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