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The eZSimulator is a unique, PC-based training tool for ultrasound-guided procedures. It consists of a virtual transducer and software which projects a simulated needle onto the selected image in real time. Develops  transducer and needle coordination skills in real time with a range of application scenarios. Using the eZSimulator will allow for the development of confidence in using both in-plane and out-of-plane needle techniques.

Includes a large image database and many tutorials.

The  eZSimulator includes eZGuide ® Needle Navigation (NGS) which shows, in real time the needle position, the projected needle path, and needle/probe alignment to help you understand how best to approach the target while keeping the needle in view. Build your experience with real time  feedback as you perform a simulated procedure.

Included Applications

•    Basic NGS Out-Of-Plane
•    Basic NGS In-Plane

Upgrade Packages (Fee required)
•    CVC-Adult
•    Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block
•    Axillary Brachial Plexus Block
•    Femoral Nerve Block
•    Popliteal (Distal Sciatic) Nerve Block

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    Interactive ultrasound training with eZGuide ® Needle Navigation (NGS) to show needle, needle position, needle path, angles... Build your experience with the right feedback from the performed procedure.

    A constantly growing library of training images for a variety of applications. Start with simple cases and learn how to perform the procedure through a series of anatomical variations at different levels of difficulty.

    Step-by-step learning modules with reference images, graphics and animations. Get anatomical references, procedural information, tips. Then practice them on the training pictures.

    Instructional videos with detailed information on each application. Get a quick overview of the application.


    • eZGuide® USB Probe
    • eZSimulator software (Download)
    • Phantomblock
    • eZMag needle magnetizer
    • eZono Training Needles (5x)
    • Digital user manual in the system
    • Quickstart Guide eZSimulator
    • Installation Quickguide

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