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Plan A, Plan B, or a Combination?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Whether setting up or expanding a training program for nurse programs, anesthesia assistant programs, simulation lab, teaching schools, commercial training programs, or proficiency training for your company sales team, you are charged with the task of selecting the most effective and important nerve blocks for teaching. As we race to introduce new block approaches to expand patient options and patient safety, these discussions become even more daunting.

Paravertebral Simulator in use
Pictured: Paravertebral Block Simulator (SKU: MS2-PVT)

Selecting the right mix of training simulators can be like staring at a multi-page dinner menu while trying to decide between the familiar will always be a success or the new? While we always want to expand our horizon, will it enhance our pallet or give us indigestion? Will the regional block enhance the learning experience or create complications? Is it a nerve block that will be used often or seldom? While practice usually makes perfect, the opposite often results in failure.

Requiring more from the inexperienced can be like asking a student driver to participate in an all-terrain race before they have taken their first diving lesson. Which is why most educators agree that a core curriculum (Plan A) is crucial for successful outcomes resulting in proficiency and confidence for beginner and intermediate trainees.

Plan A includes a list of core blocks required for the most common surgical procedures to allow practice for increased proficiency and confidence while teaching the importance of the skills of all team members that become part of Plan B or even Plan C. Plan B and C might include an advance set of skills for more the experienced.

While doing research, I found the RA-UK Plan A . The website provides a simplistic reasoning for developing a Plan A program while providing the understanding for how to manage Plan B or even Plan C. Click on over to find a well thought out and easy to use site with tools for success including the RCoA_RAUK_curriculum_guide_2021_v4.pdf (

Pictured: RA-UK Plan A Educational Simulator Package (SKU: MS2-RAUK)

Valkyrie makes it easier to select your Plan A, Plan B, or even Plan C regional block simulators by offering Education Packages for essential, core, Plan A, and expansion requirements for your education training. Select a package and place you order with a

single order code. If it’s not exactly what you need, let us know and we will be happy to adjust.

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