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How important is Packaging?

What do you consider as an important part of a product for purchase? Customer's questions express their concerns as quality and reliability, accessibility, support, and cost. They almost never say packaging, but when considering their concerns, packaging s one of the most important aspects for development. Why, might you ask? Let’s consider each of these concerns.


Quality and Reliability are often used synonymously but ask yourself what that means to you and why. Realistically, we cannot expect a $50 product to be the same as a $500 product unless some features are not important. This becomes even more important as you consider product use. Let’s compare golf clubs for this example.

A golfer buying their child a set of toy clubs is not really concerned about the construction or packaging since a child will quickly become disenchanted. However, an avid golfer considers the construction, grip, warranty, covers, and storage/use bag, and wheels because all these considerations address your concerns for the best game possible within your price range. While all these elements can add a level of cost, quality, reliability, and ease of use it can also depend on packaging for storage and transportation.

Consider how inadequate packaging can shorten the reliability and life of a product, compromise storage and transport, be difficult to remove or assemble product for use. For all these reasons, Valkyrie’s design team considers where, how, how often, storage, and ease of use, and product composition for best packaging design. Product and packaging undergo individual and packaged verification for form, fit, and function before release.


Customer and focus groups have listed the following as their top feature requests:

· Realistic

· Easier to use, store and transport

· For training in small spaces

· Increased durability

· Cost effective

What does this have to do with packaging you might ask? While Valkyrie consults with leading clinical experts to develop external and internal anatomy, our designers and developers must also consider how best to package the product to protect these key features without further complicating the prep time, storing, and transporting of the product.

All requests are considered throughout the product design by development stages. Valkyrie Simulator designs provide a smaller footprint for use in small spaces while retaining the required and realistic internal an external anatomy and landmarks.

Unpacking and set up is as easy as opening the case, removing the simulator with tray, and removing the storage bag and begin scanning without messy fluid filling and leaking. Valkyrie Simulators includes a durable base that cradles an easy to replace anatomical block insert, providing protection for bone and internal anatomy.

Valkyrie Simulators are easy to preparation for storage by removing the scanning gel and reversing the unpacking process, eliminating the need for emptying and cleaning fluid filled vessels. A custom storage case designed to protect your simulator for storage and transport is also stackable to decrease storage floor space requirements.

Products and packaging are designed to provide quality and reliability while also protecting your simulator for shipment, use, and storage.

AFFORDABILITY, ASSESSABILITY AND SUPPORT Valkyrie’s budget friendly simulators not only provide the most realistic anatomy, quality, and reliability but has a 99.9% on time shipping.

The Valkyrie team is here to help you through on-line, text, phone, and email support.

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